Nursing and pediatrics health professions

Director: Filippo Festini

This laboratory performs research, dissemination and teaching activities in areas of nursing and other health professions applied to developmental age patients.

It promotes evidence based nursing and research culture among health professionals of Meyer Children's Regional Hospital.

It carries out the teaching of pediatric nursing in the various campuses for the Degree in Nursing of the University of Florence and it organises of the Specialisation Course in Developmental Age Diabetics Nursing.   

Main areas of research:

  • Family-centered care
  • Nursing applied to children with chronic diseases, in particular diabetes and cystic fibrosis
  • Pediatric nursing for infective diseases
  • Prevention of cross infections from respiratory pathogens in cystic fibrosis
  • Management of peripheral venous catheters
  • Survey and management of pain symptoms and procedure-induced pain in children with chronic diseases
  • Support to patients from ethnic minorities and with integrations issues
  • Management of clinical risk and pediatric patient's safety
  • Therapy safety in pediatrics
  • Evaluation on health care complexities in pediatrics
  • Nurses' stress and burn-out in pediatrics
  • Medical care delivery models in pediatrics
  • Anthropometric standards in newborns from non-Italian ethnic groups
  • Incidence of  cystic fibrosis  in ethnic minorities
  • Effects of "One Child Family Policy" in China


Current research:

  • Prolonging the duration on site of short peripheral venous catheters used to administer intravenous antibiotic courses in adult subjects with cystic fibrosis. A randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of different concentrations of antibiotic in normal saline solution (NCT00418470)
  • Monitoring of hospital-induced gastroenteritis from rotavirus in pediatrics. Multicentric  study.
  • Evaluation of the Emission Distance of P. aeruginosa from the Respiratory Tract of People with Cystic Fibrosis (NCT00531531)
  • ·      Measurement of work-related stress in nurses: comparison between indicators from current information flows and Nursing Stress Scale


Children's Nurses  - The Italian Journal of Pediatric Nursing Sciences

The Nursing and Pediatric Health Professions Laboratory publishes the newsletter "Children's Nurses", a monthly update on available evidence regarding medical care best practices.

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