Psychology and Psychiatry

This unit coordinates scientific, teaching and professional activities in the areas of psychology and psychiatry. The cultural and scientific interests of the unit relate to the description, measurement and explanation of normal and dysfunctional mental processes  and correlated areas, from an individual, social and evolutionary perspective. Special attention is dedicated to factors promoting social-psychological and biologic well-being and related behaviours, including preventive ones, in various environments.

The unit's key objectives are thus:

Promote, develop and disseminate both base and applied research and psychological and psychiatric intervention with focus on individuals, groups, social organisms and communities;

Develop and strengthen the network of scientific and cultural exchanges, joint projects opportunities with national and international universities;

Integrate institutionally all skills and experiences within the department toward academic research, cultural development and intervention projects, to be implemented in response to third party inputs as well;

Represent a scientific, teaching and professional reference point for high quality of research content and innovation in methods and tools applied to psychology and psychiatry. 

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