Applied bacteriology

Chief scientists: Rosa Donato and Cristiana Sacco

Head of laboratory: Cesare Berardi

Staff: Rosa Donato, Cristiana Sacco, Francesca Santomauro;  Antonella Lo Nostro, Cesare Berardi

Address:  Sezione di Igiene, Medicina Preventiva e Sanità Pubblica -  Dept of Health Sciences viale G.B. Morgagni, 48 Firenze - ground fl.  Ph.  055 275 1068 / 1067

The laboratory of applied bacteriology has a long established history of research on pathogenic and opportunist microorganisms coming from various types of environments and clinical samples. It carries out also third party one-off or long term research including:

- mineral waters, both drinking and no for drinking;

- evaluation of antimicrobial activity of different plant extracts;

- control of personal care products (such as soaps, creams, etc.);

- assessment of high risk ambient contamination (i.e.  hospitals, health clinics, canteens, etc.);

- assessment of antibacterial and antifungal activity of medical and surgical disinfectants;

- assessment of medical and surgical aids' sterility;

- bacterial control in food

- antimicrobial activity assessment for specifically purpose-treated work surfaces (such as in hospitals, food preparation industry, etc.)

All assays are carried out according to the current laws and regulations.

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