Health psychology

Coordinator: Stefano Taddei 

Address: Lab 11, ground fl., San Salvi, Pavillion 26, Bldg code 107.00 (see map).

Staff: Silvia Casale, Fiammetta Cosci, Davide Dèttore, Cecilia Ieri, Barbara Giangrasso, Enrichetta Giannetti, Marco Giannini, Rosapia Lauro Grotto, Amanda Nerini, Cristina Stefanile, Stefano Taddei.


The Health Psychology Laboratory carries out activities of research, teaching and intervention related to the psychology of health and disease in the following areas: 

  • Risky behaviours in youth, especially concerning smoking and eating habits;
  • Pathological use of internet and new addictions;
  • Risk factors and protection of the quality of life in chronic and terminally ill patients with special attention to dementia, Alzheimer, hearth diseases, cancer;
  • Development of qualitative research techniques according also to the phenomenological-hermeneutic approach;
  • Occupational well-being, with special attention to mobbing, stress and burn-out;
  • Remote care and use of communication technologies for psychological intervention;
  • Affectivity and sexuality in disability;
  • Secondary psycho-social interventions in disaster-stricken populations;
  • Psycho-social development interventions towards populations object of international cooperation projects;
  • Evaluation of processes and outcomes in psychotherapy and counselling;
  • Cross-cultural aspects of dysmorphophobia (Italy, United States and China);
  • Ideas and dysfunctional convictions related to male erectile dysfunction;
  • Meta cognitive processes and their applications in psychopathology, in particular the influence of knowledge of one's own cognitive processes in the aetiology and maintenance of  psycho-pathological diseases;
  • Alteration of cognitive specific modules in obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of learning difficulties;
  • Study of cognitive processes in neurological development disorders;
  • Adaptation and validation of psycho-diagnostic investigation tools.



A complete set of polygraph machinery to perform biofeedback. 

Machinery for experimental testing of panic induction with a 10 litre tank (35% CO2 - 65% O2) filled at100 bar linked to a respirometer Wright Mark 8; airflow controlled by an Enotox Entonox delivery set with valve.

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