New Social Pathologies

Scientific coordinators: Prof. Franca Tani (DSS), Prof. Massimo Morisi (DSPS)

The research unit “New Social Pathologies” has been set up by the Departments of Political and Social Sciences and Health Sciences of the University of Florence.

Its mission is to refine conceptual and methodological tools to study all the phenomena related to the notion of "New Social Pathologies" in an adequate interdisciplinary perspective consisting of:

- identification through specific research of dysfunctional behaviour and dependency-prone lifestyles as well as the characteristics in more exposed individuals or already diagnosed ones in order to produce a systematic picture of the phenomenon both in qualitative and quantitative terms;

- evaluation and mapping of policies, action lines and organisational and care structures involved in the treatment, relief and prevention of the main critical issues connected to such pathologies;

- identification of information and communication strategies to support the actions of public and private professionals and the evaluation of efficacy of the different lines of action implemented;

- definition and experimentation of intervention modalities applicable, as well as dissemination of effective forms of individual and collective responsibility.

All of the aforementioned is achieved through:

- analysis of phenomena that are socially relevant to public health;

- clinical study of their origin, the mode and extent of their development and propagation

- collective planning of local policies aimed at contrasting social pathologies and mitigation of effects and costs for the community

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