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DSS Dipartimento di Scienze della Salute


Chief scientist: Fiammetta Cosci, MD, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology

Venue: Psychology and Psychiatry Unit, via di San Salvi, 12 (I floor), Florence

Description of the activities: 
The Service aims to operate in the field of clinical pharmacopsychology. Pharmacopsychology deals with the clinical benefits of psychotropic drugs, the characteristics that predict the response to psychopharmacological treatment, the vulnerabilities induced by psychotropic drugs (i.e., side effects, behavioral toxicity, iatrogenic comorbidity) and the interaction between psychopharmacological treatment and psychological variables. The Service offers: a. assessment including important clinical changes concerning desired and expected effects of the treatment; unwanted side effects; the patient’s personal experience of changes in terms of psychological well-being and / or quality of life; b. pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment,  (in particular, the non-pharmacological treatments include Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Well-Being Therapy), where applicable. 
This is a PAID SERVICE and the all revenues are fully and exclusively used for research purposes, such as research projects, scholarships, fellowships.
last update: 28-Aug-2018
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