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for strengthening information exchange between Italy and South East Europe neighboring countries on New Psychoactive Substances



Granted by the Prevention and Fight against Crime Program of the European Commission, the main objective of the I-SEE project, which involves the National Early Warning Systems (EWS) networks of Italy, Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Croatia, is to strengthen information exchange on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) between Italy and South East Europe neighbouring countries, where drug smuggling is easy due to the right of free movement of persons and goods into EU territory. The project intends to ease Law Enforcement activities and cooperation both within countries and among participating countries by means of the valorization of national EWS experiences and good practice exchange.

Partners involved




University of Florence – Department of Health Sciences (IT)

Beneficiary partners

University of Split School of Medicine – Department of Forensic Science (CRO)

National Institute of Public Health (SLO)

Ministry of Interior Police (SLO)

Association DrogArt (SLO)


Kick off meeting
Brussels (Belgium) 


  Presentation 1
  Presentation 2
  Presentation 3
  Presentation 4 


Press conference n. 1 Split (Croatia)

Press invitation 
Press release
List of speakers
Summary of the project
Full text of the project
Presentation of the University of Florence (coordinator) and of beneficiary partners
Slides Bertol (IT)
Slides Definis-Gojanović (CRO)
Slides Hoćevar Grom (SLO)
Slides Rimondo (IT)


Press conference n. 2 Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Press invitation (EN/SLO)
Press release (EN/SLO)
Slide University Florence (IT)
Slide NIJZ (SLO)
Slide DrogArt (SLO)
Slide University Split (CRO)
Picture of speakers
Picture of speakers

Study visit to Italy

Day 1 – December 14th 2015
Day 2 – December 15th 2015
Day 3 – December 16th 2015
Day 4 – December 17th 2015

Final Conference

Final report

Project evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation plan (pdf)
Report I year
Final report

External communication

Dissemination and communication plan (pdf)

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