Centro di servizi di Spettrometria di Massa
Mass Spectrometry Center


CISM has been involved in a number of European and national research projects.
From 1996 to 2000 CISM participated in the European M&T project "Rapid control system for screening veterinary drug residues in food (producing animals)".
Since 1985 the Centre was involved in the program "Standard, Measurement and Testing" of the European Community and participated along with representatives of six other European mass spectrometry laboratories to certify reference materials. The Centre participated in the certification of lyophilized human plasma containing progesterone and 17b-estradiol at three different concentrations. Moreover an effective campaign of assay of steroid hormones in frozen and lyophilized human serum was done under the auspices of a National and Regional quality control program coordinated by the Emilia Romagna Region in collaboration with the Italian Research Council - Technostandard.
In the period 1996-2000 CISM participated in the European program "EU-TMR Network on Social Evolution", collaborating in the study of chemical communication in social insects. 
In Italy, CISM has been involved in a project of the Ministry of Health entitled "Chemical synthesis and characterization of new generation growth-promoter drugs and development of screening and confirmatory methods in animal biological fluids", from November 2000 to June 2002.
CISM collaborated with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and the UNIRE (Unione Nazionale Incremento Razze Equine) in the field of anti-doping analyses in humans and horses, respectively. CISM is actually involved in two projects, financed by the Ministry of Health, to fight against doping.
CISM has developed extensive experience in the use of SPME coupled to GC-MS in the analysis of intrinsic food aromas, and other food additives (wine, synthetic flavours, olive oil).


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